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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Quiet Heart...

She knew that it would take time
for all that was necessary to finally fall into place.

Her foundation was hope,
and she was reassured by wisdom gleaned from careful observation.

She knew that everything beyond that was a matter of having patience.


(this is from a comment I posted on facebook
 I thought some readers might find it interesting)

If you are asking about 'tension in the negative spaces'...
it refers to the contrasts that are created by light and shade, 
the balance between black and white, 
the interest that's created by spacial relationships...

It's often a term that relates to art, and how things react with each other 
or excite each other depending on how the artist uses space and form...
it's about what is shown, or not shown (negative) 
that builds a tension for the viewer... 

it's a bit of a play on words that for me means life has lots of grey areas
(it's not all 'black and white'.) 
 You can't always understand or resolve things easily, 
and sometimes the best thing to do 
is to somehow hold the tension between what could be seen 
as opposite concepts...or emotions. 

The 'quiet heart' tries to highlight the idea
 that in order to be at peace (in ones inner being/heart) 
one has to negotiate the depths and heights of emotion and experience.
It's not necessarily good or bad, 
it's the type of thing that life is full of...
However, being able to hold those opposing emotions 
in balance is the important thing.

I guess at the end of the day 
it's refering to accepting life's' contradictions with grace.

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