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Monday, 25 March 2013


On my walk today,
the lonely path ahead struck me as some sort of metaphor...

It bought feelings of sadness, 
loss and a kind of resignation,
not quite hopelessness,
but never the less a strong sense of aloneness.

I questioned my feelings and was given the thought
 that my problem is somehow to do with time,
 being stuck in time.

Looking ahead means projecting into time
and that can be a complicated thing.

I was reminded that what we  have is now, 

the present
and we can all be part of that in a meaningful way.

Being  open to what is around us in the moment.

Just then I saw a beautiful Dandelion beside my path,
 not old enough to have been blown away 

but just perfect.
I picked it and thought about what it meant

 as I continued on my walk.

As children we called Dandelions "time o clocks"
You blow on them and say 1 o clock, then again 2 o clock
 and so on until there is only the stem left.

Again a reminder of time and the potential packed in there...
all the little seeds being blown in all directions
and settling to start life again.

It helped me think about the present, and the potential...
 to just look around in the moment,
to see the beauty of the sky, the clouds, the light and the lake.
The trees and the sounds of the birds and so many other things.

In a way it all seemed to sing...
 "you're not really on your own"
 you're surrounded by so much life.

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