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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ewe...And The Tapestry Of Life....

There are times in relationships when someone leaves,
or when someone is lost
or for various reasons your connection is finished.

We need to believe that there are going to be other relationships
of all different shapes and sizes,
that take up the thread
and become an important part of the tapestry of life.

Each of our relationships has a unique place and ability
to bring out our various qualities.

As different parts of us are bought to light,
there is potential to find healing for those otherwise hidden,
broken and isolated aspects of ourselves which
we find hard to accept or place into wholeness.

Often it's the difficult relationships
that involve things like rejection,
emotional withdrawal, misunderstanding
and even betrayal
that have the potential to show us things
about ourselves that we need to face.

It seems that life is full of connection,
dis connection and re connection.

We need grace to recognise and accept the way things are,
 and hope and trust to move to where things are meant to be.

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