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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things That Make Me Happy...

This is a list of things that make me feel good and give me the ''up'', I'm going to add to it every day.

1 Candles

2 Velvet cats

3 Great music

4 The idea of things progressing...getting to the next new bit.

5 Working out more ''stuff''

6 Change that's positive

7 Friends that stay connected

8 Being warm and cosy

9 Things to do with ''the heart''

10 Having choices

11 Wine of course

12 Simple beauty

13 Complex beauty

14  Authenticity

15 People to share with

16 Celebration and Events

17 Things you know you're connected to

18 When you had a dream and you see it coming true, not necessarily in the way that you
     thought...but still it's's connected to your vision and passion

19 Longing...when you can imagine how great something could be and you're happy to
     know that the idea will take you a long way and give you hope when you have to
     wait and have patience

20 Friends who ''get'' what you mean

21 Imagination and possibility

22 The feel of something silky

23 Sunsets

24 Dew drops on spider webs

25 Brewed Coffee in the morning

26 The smell of fresh herbs....particularly Basil

27 Having the luxury of ''waisting'' time....
     in other words doing things you want to do
     but that seem unimportant to others

28 Picnics

29 Fairy Lights

30 Recipe Books

31 Making Food

32 Sharing Food

33 Taking Photos Of Food

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