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Friday, 27 September 2013

Rozie Does The Math...

Rozie wrote a "you and me" comparative list of priorities...

(Just to get the lay of the land.)

 She was hoping to get a bit of objectivity.

Really...  it didn't look promising.

Privately, she wondered about being back at square one...

Sometimes dear viewer you get disappointed,

For whatever reason in committing to a certain path of potential relationship

(read talking, texting and old fashioned.... "getting to know you")
you hope for certain relational  outcomes...

 You believe that there are reasonable obligations
 and positive ways of communicating 
that are ongoing...
( think flow and movement).

 When that flow or whatever,

 is interrupted with no explanation,
 one really does wonder what's going on.

  One contemplates the fact that one is dealing with

a distinctly difficult situation.

Which quite frankly has the potential to provoke feelings of rejection 
and loss that is all too painful.

It means one has a a whole lot of unwanted homework.

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