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Friday, 5 July 2013

With A Little Help Fom Her Friends...

Amelia tried to take notice of "the moment"...
not rushing blindly forward or regretfully looking back.
Just trying to be "present' and see the special beauty of what exists now.

When all of that got a bit difficult or daunting
she relied on her friends to get her back on track.

She found that even her quirky and complicated relationships
had a way of helping her focus on or observe some important detail
that she'd previously missed,  overlooked
or just never noticed.
Sometimes that helped her get back to "the moment".

She found that when it came to friendships
variety was the spice of life.

Often our experience of the present is coloured by
 beliefs  about our life that really come from denial or blindness,
an inability to see things clearly because we're afraid....

A good way to get  perspective or deal with certain difficult situations,
 is to have trusted friends who can
help us reflect and negotiate some of our blind spots.
Sometimes those friends come in surprising packages.

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