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Any reference to any person living or dead is purely
coincidental, and not meant to cause offence , only to provoke humour, and as a vehicle to "get things off my chest"

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Little Amelia...

Little Amelia could tell so much about a person,
by how they played, or interacted.

Because of her quietness,
others felt comfortable to share their doubts and fears...
 even their hopes and dreams.
or what was weighing on their hearts.
   She could recognise feelings and
      difficulties that were just below the surface.

It seemed that as people shared their joys and problems
they had a greater sense of themselves,
 and life made just a little more sense...

(Funny that at times it seems like we're doing nothing,
but really "the quiet little nothing"
is what gives space for a safe connection, 
and ends up to be "an important big something".)


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