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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rozie Thinks About The Path of Life...

When she thought about 'getting on with it',
she wondered what stopped her really deciding on a
particular path and sticking to it.

Making an intentional claim to pursue a certain outcome...
She thought about failing, disappointment and hurt,
she wondered how she'd cope if things went 'pear shaped'.

She kept thinking 'I couldn't cope...I couldn't cope'.
But her inner voice kept saying 'how bad would it be?'
So in the end she realised that it wouldn't be the end of the world,
she'd been through plenty of difficult things
and come through them in the end.

Then her inner voice said 'clear a path'
so she pondered this... and came to wonder
if it meant something like the little creek she had just crossed...
the path being the flow of water
with lots of rocks in the middle.

She thought about the rocks,
and how too many slowed down the flow.
But also how having a few rocks made the water dance,
 splash and tumble in such a lovely way,
you really wouldn't be without a few rocks.

So as far as the path of life was concerned,
she decided to take on a bit of a challenge,
 identify a few things that blocked her path
and try to deal with them.

However recognise that some of the 'rocks'were
necessary reminders, providing some structure,
 and were important in a bigger way...
too much change too soon would be too hard for anyone.

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