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coincidental, and not meant to cause offence , only to provoke humour, and as a vehicle to "get things off my chest"

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sometimes Life's Like...

Making Bread...

You get some 'stuff' together,
all the right sort of ingredients...
then mix and knead.
Place the pretty round lump in a lovey oiled bowl...
covered with a damp tea towel...
somewhere warm and out of the draughts...
(in other words a lovely nurturing environment)

everything 'proves'...or 'improves'...
Just when it's all big and beautiful and rises to the occasion, guess what?.
Time to knock it back.
That's right
just bang it back down to flat.
knock out all the 'hot air'
Then when its all curled up in a tight little ball
do a bit of shaping.
Leave it for another round of expansion
Then straight into a really hot oven.

 After a time it comes out all beautiful
crunchy, crusty, soft and tender in the centre,
smelling like home and all the best things about simplicity.
Just begging for butter
to become something that we think of as a staple.

Life is full of ups, downs, twists, turns and knock-backs.
And there are plenty of hot spots...

If it's like making bread, in the end it's going to be alright,
it's going to be beautiful...


  1. Thanks for this reminder Jo. I think I will make a loaf myself today just to bring your thoughts to focus. And I'll try to remember it when things are not going so well.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Pen, lovely to hear from you,
    and I guess even on a bad day,
    if you have some fresh home made bread,
    well that's just a little "joy of life" right there.
    X J

  3. Love it Jo.
    There's lots of good parables in bread.
    It is also one of my most favourite foods, simple but versatile.
    Blrss you,

  4. Thanks Dad nice to hear from you, and thanks for the feedback. xJ