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Saturday, 8 December 2012

A look back at how it all started...

Hi, by way of introduction I'm Jo Rosenblum 
I started this blog 'Tension In The Negative Spaces', sometime in April 2011.
It's  hard to  remember  the  exact circumstances that precipitated my foray into the blogsphere.

  It had a lot to do with negotiating a particularly difficult period of my life.
 I'd been on my own for a number of years, following a long and difficult marriage.

 I'd had major problems with leadership at the local church I was attending, and found myself outside the flock as it were.
 I'd lost a loved one (fiance), and that not only  meant losing a partner but also lots of hopes, dreams and plans for the future.
I seemed to have been thrust out on a big journey of change and discovery.

 Something positive that's come out of this experience has been the development of my cartoons and reflections.
They have been a valuable discipline and routine, as well as a way of thinking about and processing what I'm going through, helping me get things off my chest. 
This way I can see issues more clearly, in a way that is hopefully helpful to others.

It's  been interesting to see how my drawings and ideas have developed over time.
 Lately they seem to have found themselves categories...which in some ways makes it easier for me,
 when faced with the challenge of coming up with something new.

There is of course" Rozie", then there are the sheep or "ewe" drawings,  "join the dots",  "garden of life" and  "tea"


She felt kind of disturbed, when she observed peoples need to be so public
 about how cute and happy and generally all round fantastic their "Family" is.
Rozie had seen many families, and quite frankly none of them resembled the stickers.

The first character to emerge was Rozie...who is a lot like me
 but gets to say things that I may think but probably wouldn't say.
It's  about being brave, having your opinion taken seriously
 and observing lots of the difficulties of life.
Often she's talking about relationships, and gives a  reminder that it's OK to be yourself 
and in the end that's the gift you have to share with others.
Using humour, in a way that provokes thoughtful observation.
  She's particularly relevant to single middle aged women.

                                                      The Sheep...                                                                                                        
Sometimes dear reader, there is too much control,
 and not enough freedom.
After all we like the stories about sheep following their master
because they choose to not because they are forced to.
Sometimes we have the wool pulled over our eyes.
At times we do it to ourselves, at times we let others do it for us.
We can all choose to hang up the blindfolds
It's always hard work, we might need encouragement and support.
We mightn't like what we see in ourselves and others.
But in the end it's better to be able to see reality.

Join the dots.
Make a wish, or sow a seed.
Sometimes it's hard to say if it's a wish or a prayer.
However , maybe when we let our deepest thoughts and desires out 
and set them free we are planting seeds that someday will bear the fruit of dreams.

The 'Join the dots' drawings are mostly encouraging and thought provoking,
often focusing on a word or an idea.
While  doing these drawings I have to slow right down and draw every dot,
 making the picture appear, I have time to think, it's a bit like therapy.
                                          Cracked Pots...                                                                                      
You have to love Cracked Pots...
Or are you a bit of a crack pot.
Not a problem,
Looking at things from another perspective,
half buried and planted with herbs,
it can become a shelter and a focus of usefulness and beauty.
You don't have to be perfect to be useful and beautiful.


Things are constantly changing around us,
and within ourselves there is constant change.
Sometimes we resist and don't like it at all.

However it's great when change brings us more freedom,
more beauty and the possibility to see things from a whole different viewpoint.

 Theses drawings come from the category "The Garden Of Life",
they're all about life lessons from nature.
Sometimes there's a bit of a cross over in categories, and sometimes lately I've even used colour.

Curiosi "Tea"

It may not "kill the cat"
but it can still get you into hot water

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my work, I hope you find things to think about,
 and above all I hope you are finding creative ways to negotiate 
 the difficulties that you find on your path of life, and that in turn can encourage others .

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