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Any reference to any person living or dead is purely
coincidental, and not meant to cause offence , only to provoke humour, and as a vehicle to "get things off my chest"

Monday, 3 September 2012

Until Tomorrow...

I sit in my small corner of the world,
up high...perched on cane and curved iron...
the view is beautiful.
I watch the glowing sun set and sink through layers of pale yellow,
 deepening orange and gold to mauve violet and grey.
The tree, large and outstretched across the vista is velvet black,
 like a cut out, stark, detailed and delicate.
The lower hedge, grown out of control...
has long fronds that sway in the wind  driving up the valley,
 it waves hello and goodbye all at once.
The changes take time and at every turn, there are things to notice.
The city gradually starts to twinkle.
The tiny lights get brighter and brighter,
even the smallest pin prick is of interest.
The colours and reflections merge
 and even the happy waving hedge blends and disappear again....
until tomorrow.
Many things mark the passing of time.
 The beauty of a sunset is a marker of  change and progression
  that if you let it...
will take you to a deep and beautiful place,
a space that is all at once familiar and a discovery ...
all in the space of a breath.

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