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Friday, 30 March 2012

Getting Over a few Hurdles...

Jumping from the 'pew' into an important and valued role in leadership (vestry)
only requires getting over a few hurdles.
              Hurdle 1. Submit to leaderships' authority without question.          

Hurdle 2. Believe all that is said or implied by leadership.    

        Hurdle 3. No talking about anyone or to's all gossip,  
                                  except if you're in leadership and have to discuss everyone.

Hurdle 4. Surrender any rights to ask questions,                    
                                    they will all be seen as provocative and challenging behaviour.

Hurdle (puddle) 5. Look happy,                                              
                              and wherever possible use flowery religious sounding words.
      You'll be sure to get on.                                


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