Dear Reader

Any reference to any person living or dead is purely
coincidental, and not meant to cause offence , only to provoke humour, and as a vehicle to "get things off my chest"

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sometimes we all need a rest...

Sometimes we're so busy with the challenges of life,
that we need a reminder to stop, relax,
and get back to the one who knows us best, and knows exactly what we need.
 We just need to have a rest the right place.


  1. Hey, Jo, these are brilliant. I've checked out your other blog, before, but it's my first time here. Love these. What a gift cartooning is!

  2. Thank you so much Anita...
    this little blog is a bit of a backwater, and dosn't really get much traffic
    Although post about the naked pastor did get heaps of views due to it being pasted on facebook.
    Any way it's all prety new to me and it's a challenge to post regularly, but a comment or two does give me encouragement, so thankyou.